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On this episode, Dominic and Chris are joined by Let's Talk About Star Wars host Maggie Lovitt (Linktree) to discuss the tenth episode of The Bad Batch, "Common Ground".  They discuss the way the show handled the clones of the Bad Batch dealing with the fact they are now helping former Separatists.  They also talk about Senator Avi Singh and his droid GS-8 and how they represent a side of the CIS we didn't usually see on The Clone Wars.  And they break down Omega and Cid's relationship, as well as Omega's new found abilities at holo-chess.  Plus, what's next for Senator Singh, is Cid going to betray the Bad Batch, and why was Echo so suspicious of the Mantel Mix?  All this and much more!
NOTE: If you notice that my (Dominic) audio sounds a bit lower quality than usual, I had a major technical breakdown before the episode and we were lucky that we were able to record the episode at all.  Hopefully this will be all sorted out and fixed before next week's episode!
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