The Star Wars Underworld Podcast
On this episode, Dominic, Ben, and Chris are joined by friend of the show Din of the band F-105 (Band Website) to discuss the latest news about the Star Wars galaxy.  They talk about the new additions coming to Disney+, including the Clone Wars micro-series and the Ewoks movies.  Then they chat about new Star Wars Legends content coming to the comics and Hasbro's The Black Series.  Din also tells us about his new album (coming next week) and debuts a Star Wars-inspired song!  And then they break down a new interview with George Lucas about the philosophy of Star Wars, how his films were inspired by the world around him, and what might have been in his sequel trilogy.  Plus, will we ever see Star Wars: Detours on Disney+, when are the 3D blu-rays of the saga coming, and the strangest SWU Podcast intro ever.  All this and much more!
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