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In a special episode of the Star Wars Underworld podcast, Ciaran Duggan delves into the reasons why Star Wars fans should attend  and have attended the Star Wars-themed convention known as Star Wars Celebration.  This episode focused on the experiences of April’s Star Wars Celebration Orlando to unearth answers to his questions.  Ciaran is joined by regular SWU Podcast host Dominic Jones, along with Steele Saunders of the Steele Wars podcast, Rebel Grrrl podcast co-host Tracy Gardner, Chris Lynn of the Irish 501st Garrison, and YouTuber Daniel Georgiev (also known as Dan Grievous).

Featuring live audio from the main event panels - 40 Years of Star Wars and The Last Jedi – and including voices from George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson, this is an episode that every Star Wars fan should listen to!

Dominic Jones: Star Wars Underworld Podcast
Steele Saunders: Steele Wars: Star Wars Podcast
Tracy Gardner:'s Rebel Grrrl
Daniel Georgiev: Dan Grievous YouTube Channel
Chris Lynn: Rebel Legion Ireland

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