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On this episode, Dominic, Ben, and Chris discuss the fourth episode of Andor, "Aldhani". They start by discussing how this series is structured in a way that is unlike most other Star Wars series, and how it builds off how The Clone Wars used to do things. Then they talk about the depiction of Coruscant in the episode, the dynamics between the Imperial Officers, and Luthen Rael and Mon Mothma's interactions. They also talk about Cassian's introduction to Vel and her crew and what's being set up for future weeks. Plus, what's the deal with Mon Mothma's husband, some great easter eggs, and the story of the Ukrainian company that created Darth Vader's voice for Obi-Wan Kenobi.  All this and much more!
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On this episode, Dominic, Ben, Hannah, and Chris break down the first three episodes of Andor!  They discuss how this series feels so different from previous Star Wars instalments, including how it incorporates more mature and adult concepts and themes.  They also talk about the series' introduction to Cassian and how it sets him on his journey that will eventually culminate in Rogue One.  They then look at the "bad guys", the shades of grey in their portrayals and how they operate with respect to the Empire.  And they talk about the introduction of Bix, her life on Ferix, and her relationship to Cassian.  Plus, the term BBY being used on screen, Cassian's life in the flashbacks, and where we go from here.  All this and much more!
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On this episode, Dominic, Ben, Hannah, and Chris break down all the trailers, stills, and other news out of D23 Expo!  They start by talking about the new Andor trailer and give their final pre-premiere thoughts on the series with less than a week until the premiere.  Then they break down the Tales of the Jedi trailer and give their thoughts on the choice of Ahsoka and Dooku as the characters to focus on for the series.  And then they discuss the teaser trailer for season three of The Mandalorian and analyze what Grogu's potential role this season might be.  Plus, thoughts on the new stills from Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew, there's a new release date for The Bad Batch, and casting news for The Acolyte (oh dip!).  All this and much more!
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On this episode, Hannah, Chris & Ben are joined by Dominic who reports in live from Anaheim, California on the eve of D23 2022! They speculate about what might be revealed in the coming days, and discuss the disappointing lack of a plan for future Star Wars films. Furthermore they examine some recent comments from Rian Johnson concerning ‘The Last Jedi’ and his (perhaps still upcoming) Star Wars Trilogy. Also, Leia’s wedding dress revealed, ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ wins an Emmy, and two new actors have just joined the cast of ‘The Acolyte’. Tune in for all of that and more!

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On this episode, Dominic and Ben are joined by a trio of guests to look back on Rogue One after seeing it again in IMAX this week.  First, they welcome Tales From Beyond The Galaxy (LINK), and its co-hosts Jordan, Tracy, and Anna, to the ever expanding Star Wars Underworld Network!  Then, the five of them reflect on Rogue One and speculate about Andor.  They talk about Mon Mothma's role, Luthen Rael's tightrope walk, and Cassian's mysterious backstory.  Plus, a little House of the Dragon talk (spoiler free), another wrinkle in the release date for The Bad Batch, and the worst question to ask at convention panel.  All this and much more!
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