The Star Wars Underworld Podcast
On this episode, Dominic, Ben, and Hannah review Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny from a Star Wars fan perspective and review the season three episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.  They start by talking about Dial of Destiny, what this film tells us about James Mangold as a filmmaker (and his Star Wars film) and Lucasfilm's continues use of CGI de-aging technology. SPOILER DISCUSSION FROM 46:07 TO 58:53. Then they talk about Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian season three, which leads to some reminiscing about the old "Rebels Recon" and "Clone Wars Download" days.  Plus, is Thrawn looking for the world between worlds, could Mara Jade show up in the Rey movie, and how long until we get a Shania Twain song in Star Wars? All this and much more!
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