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On this episode, Dominic, Ben, and Chris are joined by SWU senior British correspondent Ciaran Duggan (Twitter), Kareem of Order 416 (Instagram), and Culture Slate's Lauren Scott (Instagram) to discuss Chapter Twelve of The Mandalorian, "The Siege".  They discuss what this episode reveals about Moff Gideon's ultimate plans, including his army of Dark Troopers and what exactly is in those tanks in the lab.  They also talk about the return of Greef Carga and Cara Dune to the series, and what's been going on on Navarro since we were last there.  And, they speculate about what's to come next week.  Plus, Din Djarin's questionable parenting skills, Imperial design flaws, and are there any Greg's in the Star Wars universe?  All this and much more!

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