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Radio Razorcrest returns for season two of The Mandalorian!  Dominic, Ben, and Chris are joined by returning champion Selene Jade (Twitter) and SWU senior British correspondent Ciaran Duggan (Twitter) to kick off the new season by discussing Chapter Nine: The Marshal.  They break down the return of Boba Fett, and how that may be setting the table for the next chapter in Din Djarrin's story, as well as what they hope to see from Boba.  They also talk about the debut of Timothy Olyphant as Cobb Vanth, and how his character impacts Din and what his backstory tells us about the state of the galaxy.  Plus IG-11's impact of Din Djarin, how The Mandalorian continues to re-contextualize the Tusken Raiders, and the on-screen debut of the Krayt Dragon.  All this and much more!

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