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Dominic and Ciaran continue their look back at season seven of The Clone Wars with PART TWO of their "Siege of Mandalore" discussion.  They look at some of the key relationships Ahsoka has in this arc, starting with Bo-Katan.  They break down the unexpected partnership between the Jedi outcast and the Mandalorian outcast. Then they delve into Ahsoka and Maul's confrontation in the throne room, Maul's offer to Ahsoka, and her reasons for ultimately rejecting him.  And to close out the show they do a deep dive on Ahsoka's final conversation with the Jedi council.  Plus, how Obi-Wan and Padme's reactions to Anakin's fall compare to Ahsoka's, what does the future hold for Mandalore, and in defense of Mace Windu?  All this and much more!

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