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On this episode, Hannah, Chris and Ben have an overwhelming amount of breaking Star Wars news to cover! First off, they give their initial impressions on the new trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that was released just moments before they're recording. Then later they're joined by Jordan from Beyond The Galaxy and Chad from Convor Call for a full on frame-by-frame break down of the brand new trailer for The Bad Batch season two! They discuss the incredible visuals, new characters, Commander Cody, Gungi, Trandoshans, Bail Organa, Palpatine, and more! And they top it all off by analyzing the newly revealed photos from the set of The Acolyte. Plus, we try out lots of new impressions, Dominic drops in briefly to share his thoughts on The Bad Batch trailers, and who the heck is Pabu?! Tune in for all of that and more!


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