The Star Wars Underworld Podcast

On this episode Chris, Ben, and Dominic break down another week in Star Wars.  They discuss recent comments from JJ Abrams, Oscar Isaac, and Felicity Jones, the latest about Celebration, and Star Wars at the Oscars.  They also break down the latest Rebels episode 'Rebel Resolve.'  They focus in on the actions of Hera and Ezra and looks at how this sets up next week's finale.  Then they break down the trailer for the finale 'Fire Across the Galaxy,' and speculate about who will fall?  Plus, has the entire A plot of Episode VII been leaked, are more The Clone Wars stories on their way, and how are Hera and Cham Syndulla related?  All this and much more?

Episode Break down:
0:00:00 to 1:07:09 Intro + News
1:07:09 to 1:27:37 Rumors/Spoilers
1:27:37 to end of show: Rebels Discussion


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