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Ahsoka episodes 3 & 4 discussion! On this episode, Dominic and Ben are joined by Din of F-105 (Website) to break down the third and fourth episodes of Ahsoka, “Time to Fly” and “Fallen Jedi”. They discuss the portrayal of Hera Syndulla in the series by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and how the character interacts with the New Republic establishment. They also discuss the introduction of Senator Xiono, his Star Wars Resistance connections and what he could represent with the New Republic government. Then, they talk about Sabine’s arc in the series and what it says about the Force. And they look at what Dave Filoni’s new title and role at Lucasfilm means for the future of Star Wars. Plus, Dominic and Ben trade cultures, the stuff we’re glad we missed during the hiatus, and Hayden Christensen’s latest return to Star Wars. All this and much more!

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