The Star Wars Underworld Podcast
On this episode, Dominic, Ben, Chris, and Hannah are joined by Catherine of Culture Slate Reacts (YouTube Link) to break down the latest episode of Andor, "Announcement".  They talk about how this episode picks up on all the previous storylines and shows the fallout from them.  Then they discuss the changes at the ISB, Yularen's appearance, and Dedra's role in the bureau.  Then they talk about Syril's new life on Corsucant and his aspirations for his future.  They also break down Mon Mothma's conversations with both Luthen and Tay, and what she wants for the Rebellion.  And (finally) they talk about Cassian's return home and his capture on the beach.  Plus, more connections in different parts of the house, Dominic goes full teacher mode, and still no sign of Uncle Harlow.  All this and much more!
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