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On this episode Chris, Ben, and Dominic break down another week of Star Wars news.  They start with the interview Dominic conducted with members of the Hasbro Star Wars team at New York Comic Con, then Chris and Dominic share stories about their experience on Rogue Friday.  Then they get into recent comments by Mads Mikkelsen about Rogue One, how the relationships in Rogue One may be similar to The Social Network, and Forest Whitaker talks about The Clone Wars.  Then they revisit key scenes in The Force Awakens in light of comments JJ Abrams made during his directors commentary for the 3D blu-ray, including Kylo and Han, Rey in the duel, the "force-back", and Finn and Rey's relationship.  Plus, the Rogue One run time, a Celebration Orlando update, and Ahsoka is on the best sellers list.  All this and much more!

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