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Somehow, the SWU returned… Weesa Back! The strikes are over, so Dominic, Ben, Chris, and Hannah return to the airwaves to get caught up on all they missed during the hiatus. They share their thoughts on Ahsoka, highlighting some standout moments from the series. Then, they discuss the news that the Lando series is now a movie and being written by Donald and Stephen Glover. After that they turn things over to the listeners for an extended Ask The SWU segment where they cover more Ahsoka thoughts, looking ahead at what projects are next, and what they got up to during the break. Then, Dominic sits down with The High Republic authors Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, George Mann, and Justina Ireland to preview Phase 3 of the series. Plus, what the hosts did during the hiatus, Guillermo Del Toro’s cancelled Jabba the Hutt movie, and Ben debuts a new character. All this and much more!

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