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It's a jam packed episode of The SWU Podcast this week!  First, Chris, Ben, and Dominic are joined by author John Jackson Miller to discuss his recently released novel Star Wars: A New Dawn.  Then the guys go in depth and discuss the characters of A New Dawn as well as the politics of the Empire.  They follow that up with a discussion about The Clone Wars Crystal Crisis on Utapau arc, recently released as story reels.  The to wrap things up they delve into one of the more explosive Star Wars Episode VII rumors to hit the web.  All this and much more

If you are worried about spoilers in this episode, here is a break down of what gets talked about and when (and if there are spoilers!).  From the start of the show to 40:22: John Jackson Miller interview (spoiler free!).  From 40:22-1:32:17: A New Dawn discussion (Spoilers!).  From 1:32:17-2:04:07: Crystal Crisis on Utapau discussion.  From 2:04:07-2:23:24: Episode VII Rumor (Potential Spoilers).  2:23:24 to end: wrap up and next week preview (spoiler free!)

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